Cycling Photo Challenge - the current challenge

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Well after much deliberation I have decided the winner is @IrishAl .

So over to you



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Ok so my first time to set the challenge 😬 hopefully this one works...
as we are still in a lockdown of sorts...the theme of this month is “Behind bars”.
Open to everyone, not just those staying at HMP.


Many thanks for the vote and words:

The challenge for September is "potholes" with a bonus wheel-rim truing manual for the biggest.

A second photo showing just the pothole is also permitted.

(please take care when attempting the capture).


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I have thunked..

October's competition is Cycling infrastructure, be it good, bad or strange!

Usual rules, must contain a bike, or part thereof, pic taken in this October etc etc

OK, so if I've understood it correctly I suggest the next challenge and @PeteXXX copies it to the other thread?

So the suggested challenge is "Avenue" which hopefully gives a enough leeway for interpretation without being too all- encompassing. Entries by the end of November please.
OK, so here goes...

I love an avenue of trees, but also the more inventive entries appeal. Particularly @biggs682 (whose bikes I always covet, they being invariably pleasing on the eye and me being 6'4") and @PeteXXX

@Dave 123 very nearly gets the vote, a most unexpected avenue indeed.

But it's got to be the trees in the end, and despite an honourable mention for @Tribansman @TeeShot has the perfect avenue perfectly set up. How do you get the bike to stay upright?


Over to you


This is not easy🤔
However I wanted to find a subject that would give multiple opportunities to use your imagination and you camera😎

So, the subject is, Water (including ice)

Usual rules. Picture must be taken between now and the last day of December and must include some part or all of a bike. Good luck

I will do my best to announce the winner on the first day of 2021


Well first off, thank you all for taking the time and trouble to contribute so many great shots to this little challenge.

Choosing a winner is far more difficult than pressing the shutter, but here goes

With his entry of the River Yealm at Noss, the winner is @Dave123.
I really liked the colour, light, composition and subject. And the water looked pretty good too!!!
Well done Sir, over to you


yo vanilla

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ME?? I never would have guessed! Thank you!

So I choose the new challenge... which is...

Pit Stop

I envision a coffee shop, food truck, fix it station. I fear some of these places may not be accessible due to COVID; hopefully they could be accessible for an exterior shot? If not LMK and we can pick again
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