CyclingUK, British Cycling. Any special offers?


I’ve been BC member for a couple of years. It’s just really for the insurance - I’ve never used any of the other facilities. Maybe occasionally the Halfords discount...

Anyway - renewal is due shortly, wondering if I should give cyclingUK a try. Cost are similar.

Any special offers on the go at the moment?


Similar story to you. I'm in it for the insurance, with the occasional Halfords discount, and renewal due next month.
I'd be interested in hearing about any pro's and con's for using any alternatives.
I've heard good things about the BC solicitor Leigh Day and the one time (hopefully never again :okay:) I used them I found them good too. I've not really heard anything about the CTC/ Cycling UK Lawers?

The real reason I'm with BC though is simply that for Scottish time trials their Silver Licence covers you. You can still do them if you are non BC but you need to pay extra at sign on for day insurance.

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I have it mainly for insurance purposes, though I have used it at Halfords quite often and also for the 30% discount on SIS products too. I’ve also managed to get a 10% discount at Evans cycles, but there are more caveats with that one. Can’t really compare to CUK as I’ve never been a member.
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