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  1. A

    HSBC members: free British Cycling Fan membership, reductions on others..

    Not heard of this, but if you join you get 10% off Halfords and a few other things: "If you're eligible for the offer and would prefer to choose a Commute, Race or Ride British Cycling membership instead, you can claim a £26 discount on your annual...
  2. Landsurfer

    British Cycling ...

    Sums it up for me ...... “ It is a particular cruelty that on what Julian Knight MP, chair of the DCMS committee, describes as a "terrible day for the reputation of British cycling", the achievements of many celebrated British athletes – including multiple Olympic champions – end up being...
  3. KneesUp

    Sofa to 50km (British Cycling) - anyone done it?

    It would seem thatthe various lockdowns have produced some people who have become a lot fitter and some people who have become less fit. I am definitely in the latter camp. Back in the Normal Times, I was pretty much reduced to a cycle commute on the Dahon, split into two parts of about 2 miles...
  4. bruce1530

    CyclingUK, British Cycling. Any special offers?

    I’ve been BC member for a couple of years. It’s just really for the insurance - I’ve never used any of the other facilities. Maybe occasionally the Halfords discount... Anyway - renewal is due shortly, wondering if I should give cyclingUK a try. Cost are similar. Any special offers on the go...
  5. ren531

    British cycling history book recommendation

    Can anyone recommend any good cycling history books under £40 got a gift voucher to spend on amazon looking for something about Britain's part in it all .
  6. O

    British cycling membership

    Is it possible to cancel this after a few days without any adverse affect on your credit score? I was hoping to cancel the dd
  7. gavroche

    British Cycling.

    I have just joined it for the following reasons: - 10% off Harfords, Evans and some others. - Third liability insurance. - Free front and back lights as a welcome gift although I don't ride at night but useful in poor visibility in daylight. Are these good enough reasons to join?
  8. beepbeep

    British Cycling ''local events''

    so I put my postcode in the ''local events'' search box on the British Cycling website and it came back with loads of local free events....GREAT !! - I initially thought until I checked out the conditions....Most stated '' women only'' I appreciate that some women prefer to cycle in groups of...
  9. Sharky

    Free British Cycling Membership (HSBC)

    Just logged onto my HSBC account and Chris Hoy pops up! HSBC have partnered with British Cycling to give a free one year membership Existing BC members can get a gift. Not looked into the details yet, but will later.
  10. steven1988

    Guided ride in the Nottinghamshire area

    Evening all, i am a newly qualified ride leader for British Cycling. We are leading our first ride in the Nottinghamshire area this weekend. All info on the link if anyone would like to join us, please sign up using the link
  11. busdennis

    British cycling members

    Received a very dodgy looking email last night wanting me to click the link etc. Just wanting to warn other members and check if anybody has been receiving these emails as i am interested on how they get these details
  12. Racing roadkill

    Great British Cycling festival Sportive. A 100 mile, closed road Sportive next June. I’m in, I’ve already booked a hotel room :laugh:.
  13. simon the viking

    Change from British Cycling to Cycling UK... Thoughts

    Hi Folks, I've not really been on here much lately... Just popping in to read the amazing Jokes :whistle: in the café No real reason for the absence just busy with other things and cycling a lot during the summer (and in September for Cancer research 300 mile did 504 and raised £250 so pretty...
  14. Slick

    British Cycling New Smart Lights.

    Couldn't see if this has already been posted but thought it worthy of discussion, although I know there will be a few who will argue that it's Beelzebub. :rolleyes:
  15. D

    British Cycling Membership, is it worth the £35.10?

    I have aversion to paying for things I don't need/use, so is £35.10 a fair price for British Cycling membership, it seems expensive to me for the benefits. Priority access to tickets I'll not use this Weekly Member Newsletter I'm not interested in this 10% off in Halfords stores nationwide I...
  16. Welsh wheels

    British Cycling Let's ride and personal information

    Trying to join Let's ride so I can participate in my local social cycling group. I'm concerned about the amount of personal information required in order to make a profile though. They require home and mobile numbers, date of birth, home address and postcode. I tried filling in the form without...
  17. Salty seadog

    British Cycling or Cycling UK or doesn't it really matter?

    My Cycling UK membership is up just before I need it for a Fridays run. As The Fridays now accept both as a requirement for their rides is there a compelling reason to choose one over the other? They both have the Halfords discount which is usefull for sundries.......anything else worth considering?
  18. smutchin

    British Cycling reforms

    BC have voted to accept government proposals to make the sport's governing body more independent and diverse: I guess they didn't have a choice if they wanted to keep their funding, but it will be interesting to see if spreading the funds wider has...
  19. straas

    British Cycling Membership

    So I bought british cycling "ride" membership from Evans and have gone onto the britishcycling website in order to activate the membership - but they want me to pay an additional £2? Is this normal?
  20. Lee_M

    New British Cycling CEO

    and its a woman! My God BC into the 21st century. Good luck to her, she'll need it to deal with the dinosaurs
  21. Cuchilo

    British cycling discount with Chain reaction

    Is this still a thing ? Ive just ordered some overshoes ( that where discounted anyway so not too bothered ) but couldn't find a BC discount thingy place code whatsit .
  22. B

    British Cycling or Cycling UK?

    First up apologies if this has already been discussed but I couldn't find a thread on it. I'm thinking of joining one of the above for the insurance mainly. What are the advantages of either? I know BC do a Halfords discount but CU does seem to be getting stuck into issues regarding cyclist...
  23. DCLane

    SOLD: Genune British Cycling Federation GB Racing Jersey - Medium - £10 posted

    Having bought this last year it's been sat unused. I'm guilty of buying a jersey that I'll never use - aren't we all sometimes :blush: Therefore it is better going to someone who will use it, hang it on a wall or pay more interest than I have ended up doing due to my health issues. The retro...
  24. coffeejo

    British Cycling and HSBC (and diversity in cycling)

    British Cycling has announced that HSBC UK is to become its new lead partner for the next eight years commencing from January 1. The two will work across the sport from participation at grassroots level and major organised cycling events through to the highest level of performance with the...
  25. benb

    British Cycling 10% Halfords discount

    Does anyone know whether it applies to all items, or just cycling-related?
  26. spen666

    Where Do British Cycling Get Their Funding From?

    As the post title, what are the sources of their (Government/charity/ lottery etc) non commercially raised funding?
  27. shouldbeinbed

    British Cycling Ride insurance question on T&C

    While I'm at home with feet up and not out riding on a nice cool still day like today (see my seizure thread for why rather than throw bricks here please :) ) I'm looking at getting back on the BC bandwagon and joining up. The below clip cut from their Legal support info on the Ride membership...
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