Cyclist attacked in Dagenham for a laugh

I was cycling home on the cycle path in Dagenham which runs by the A13 near Ripple road last night. Seperated from the A13 by a 4 ft high wall with pavement 10 ft wide beside cyclepath. I became aware of a scooter just behind me. Yes, illegal but nothing unusual in this area They overtook me on the left, 2 youths on 1 scooter. As they went past the passenger kicked my front wheel so hard it pringled and shot sideways. I was doing around 20mph. I instantly went over the bars. I landed mainly on my right hand, head and face. I was winded and lots of pain in my neck,back and wrist. No witnesses unfortunately. Youths just rode off ( probably laughing a lot) A minute later a local cyclist on a MTB turned up and was very good, he rang the police, ambulance etc and sorted me and the bike out till the police and ambulance turned up. Damage to the bike a light and front wheel. Helmet did its job, dented and cracked right through. Me, broken wrist, huge red nose, whiplash, general bruising. Xray of neck and back, nothing broken but half my muscles in that area are screaming at me. Police tell they have had lots of problems with youths on scooters in that area lately, so if you cycle around there and hear a scooter just slam the brakes on and stop.


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WxnXers. Hope you're better real soon.

I think in a situations like this one might imagine what they would do but faced with that in reality, I would also take your advice and slam o the brakes.

I suppose the good thing is the scooter dooshes didn't do anything worse.


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Oh my word. Someone did that for a laugh :ohmy: No CCTV cameras around or anything?
Get well soon and take care with your broken wrist. Mine took ages to heal properly.


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Sorry to hear that, hopefully it's was the 1st time they have done this and didn't expect you to come off your bike like that so hopefully won't be trying that again, lets hope.

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