Cyclists Blamed for Bus Crash


Are they blaming the cyclists?


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Why aren't they blaming the driver for driving to fast, thus forcing such a desperate maneuver to avoid running someone over?
His employer appears to be praising him for putting the cyclists' safety above his own. But obviously not that of any passengers he may have been carrying.



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Quote: "It looks like the bus has come off its rails near Clifton Way" - off its rails?

Be interesting to find out what speed the bus was travelling at immediately prior to the incident.
We've got misguided busways up here too and if the drivers hit the entrance kerbs a bit quickly you certainly know about it.


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Every driver knows that other road users can do the damndest things. This is why it is drummed into us to drive at a speed that allows us to stop in the distance we can see to be clear. Unless you're a bus driver.
If cyclists suddenly entered the guided busway then perhaps not, surely the point of a guided busway is that you can crack along a bit because it is entirely segregated like a railway. Trains certainly can't usually stop in the distance they can see.

It was disappointing in the video to see a cyclist cycling along the bus way track rather than pushing their bike around.
Maybe the drivers could slow down to the 15mph they're supposed to be travelling at when they join and leave the guided busway, because I've never seen one of them do that in all the time it's been open. I go past that particular part of the tracks twice a day and they way they drive is terrifying at times.


This is the trouble.I see many vehicles driving too fast up the back streets which have schoos and green areas.My road even has speed bumps like most backstreets round here..Why..can't motorists be trusted.Stupid question.

Also in a pedestrian area near my bike rack at work with the 5mph sign this is ignored virtually every time.I don't mind slightly over but some take the p155.Then they moan when they get fined for speeding and the GATSO money makers.

Whippet drivers like that,plenty of those round here.


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If you've read the article you can see it's not on the actual guided bit . It's about 50m before the start of the busway. So a normal road , where you should be driving to the normal rules of being able to stop in distance you can see to be safe.

The bus drivers however don't on that bit as they think it's all GBW


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I think many motorists can be trusted, after all most of us ride and drive. I had two cyclist pull a stupid stunt today, riding no handed down the wrong side of the street towards oncoming vehicles who fortunately all stopped. Why don't cyclist consider other road users.
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