Cyclist's death may have been caused by listening to music on her phone

Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Accy cyclist, 5 Dec 2016.

  1. Haitch

    Haitch Flim Flormally

    No, her death was caused by a lorry driving over her.
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  2. tyred

    tyred Legendary Member

    She didn't make contact with the lorry.
  3. Eddy

    Eddy Guru

    I think the articles says there was no contact , she died avoiding being hit .
    Rubbish article focusing on helmet and earphones and I cant work out if the lorry joined from same junction or was coming round from the junctions right .
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  4. Rocky

    Rocky Guest

    I'm sorry about the death of anyone but I refuse to read anything in the Daily Mail. Its reporting is usually pure fantasy. If I feel any need for that genre, I'll read Lewis Carroll instead. He was a better writer.
  5. smutchin

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
    Sounds to me like the coroner is the one who has been distracted by the earphones.

    It's really not clear from the story what happened - did she join the roundabout at the same point as the lorry? If so, that means either she filtered up the side of the lorry or the lorry driver had come up behind her and was overtaking at the point of joining the roundabout.
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  6. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti
    More unchecked, unfounded lies by the Daily Heil bollocks.
  7. Steady

    Steady Senior Member

    I stopped listening to music via earphones on the bike not because it wasn't safe, but purely because in the event of an incident it would become the escape clause if I wasn't my fault, at all times I could hear everything around me, but I refuse to open myself up to that kind of blame.

    The police investigation notes seem .. out-dated in practice?
    "The cycle also had no front reflector and a loose bell on the handlebars which was missing a bolt." I understand they're stating what the found the bike to be, but neither of those are really a factor in what happened, surely?

    It really isn't clear what happened, I got the impression the HGV driver was coming around the roundabout already on it so had "priority" and was taking the next exit with "straight" being used, and the cyclist should have given way, but didn't? Realised her own mistake and tried to avoid the lorry resulting in her sliding off and banging her head?

    It seems heavily unlucky.
  8. User33236

    User33236 Guest

    'Lorry driver Alexander Lamb said: 'As I approached the roundabout, I paused to look for traffic to the right.'

    From this I take it he was joining the roundabout but a better written article would remove doubt.
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  9. smutchin

    smutchin Cat 6 Racer

    The Red Enclave
    What's really worrying is that from the lorry driver's own description of what happened, he was completely oblivious that there was a cyclist anywhere near him.

    Maybe, but more pertinently, the defective front brake could have been a factor.
  10. shouldbeinbed

    shouldbeinbed Rollin' along

    Manchester way
    Sounds like one of those roundabouts where you can use a couple of lanes on that then merge in progress round. If so I don't think you could blame either for their road position coming onto it but neither seems to have been aware of the other being there until too late. Poor lady and her family that the fall was so severe. RIP.
  11. mjr

    mjr Wanting to Keep My EU Citizenship

    Crashing makes stuff fall off bikes and can knock brakes out of adjustment. Cable outers are always cut shorter than the inners because that's how they work and it reads like the police officer doesn't know that... but that evil newspaper's report probably isn't reliable. What's the betting most eyewitnesses were drivers, too?

    As they can't tell whether she was listening to music (which seems slightly surprising given that phones log what apps are running), then both headphones and helmet points seem rather irrelevant. The relative actions of the rider and the HGV (and it does read like it was overtaking on entry to a roundabout, but it's not clear from the article and surely any coroner worth their salt would have remarked on such an action contrary to the Highway Code?) should probably be the focus. Bad reporting.

    RIP :sad:
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  12. Lonestar

    Lonestar Rat Run Cyclist

    CS 2 and CS 3
    God help us if there are any deaf cyclists...Pardon?
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  13. Profpointy

    Profpointy Guru

    did they report that the lorry driver was listening to his radio?

    Anyway as others have said, I will not click on a daily mail link as it is literally giving money to a racist hate-filled rag. And even for right-of-centre politics folk, remember that hatred is frequently directed at cyclists
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  14. mjr

    mjr Wanting to Keep My EU Citizenship

    Amen. Crash location pictured is,-0.852831,70.19h,-6.35p,0.85z - Big roundabout with no lanes marked on it, but single lane entry from every arm.
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