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I've recently made the switch from road bike to cyclocross...not necessarily to race but largely due to the canal and other bridal ways around Yorkshire that I like riding down as well as the roads. I bought an Arkose One and so far am very happy with it.

I'm looking for a cycling buddy who would like to go out on casual rides...I'm free most the time and willing to take a train within reason, so flexible round whoever may fancy meeting up.

I'm a bit of a shy person in groups so don't yet have the confidence to join a club.

Also I'm planning on riding liverpool to leeds in April, in a day...so if your interested in either/or send me a message.

Thanks :smile:


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Hey Invisibleway,

I've tried messaging you but I don't have the forum permissions to so yet.

You mentioned that you changed from road cycling to cyclecross. I'm a road cyclist myself and I was wondering if you were still interested in road cycling if you'd be up for a few rides? ^_^

Hope you're well!


@Simplekat - if you're looking for someone to ride with in a particular area, why not post your own thread and let people know what general area, days / nights / times available, and speed / style of riding - then people can reply to you directly on the thread and if you get a few responses you can arrange to meet and head out together. :okay:

Shaun :biggrin:
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