Cyprus cycling & Boardman HT Pro MTB & Slicks


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Hello there
I have joined the community initially for three reasons/questions
(1) Looking to buy a Boardman HT Pro MTB cycle using the Cycle2Work scheme in the next week or so - Is this a good move ?
(2) Only cycled road bike previously but taking holiday in Cyprus this October hence the MTB - Anyone experienced cycling in Cyprus (Paphos)(3) Wondering what the rights and wrongs are when adding slicks top the MTB as I believe there is one or two good tarmac roads out of Paphos

Honestly, this is my first post so if I have overdone the questions I will understand no responses - fingers crossed anyway


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Hello and Welcome to the CC forums. :smile:

Why does it have to be a MTB with slicks - have you had a look at the Hybrids. The CBoardman Hybrid Pro is well specified with strong enough frame/wheels/tyres for the roughest roads. :smile:


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Hello tyred....:biggrin:
Dont know Paphos that well but there's a good cycling presence in Cyprus, you see plenty of guys around Limmasol, no reason to think Paphos is any different.
Drivings on the same side of the road as us, so thats better, but drivers dont hang about and be more aware at TLs etc...they tend to go through red if the roads clear.
Again, in Limmasol, the roads aren't that bad at all, probably on a par with ours.
I've always wanted to take the bike out there, there's some fantastic opportunities for good rides. I work 20 miles or so from Mt Troodos...i'd love to do that one.
In a nutshell, the standard of drivings probably not as good, the roads are fairly ok that ive seen, the Cypriots are family orientated so i think that makes them respectful of others (in other words they wont deliberately run you off the road :smile:)...i'd go for it like a shot....if only i had time while i was there :biggrin:


Here for rides.
Boardman HT Pro. Once of the magazines gave it 10/10. I gave mine 9.8/10. The saddle is crap, just awful, and the stock tyres cut up like bread and shed knobs like a Christmas tree sheds needles. That said with those issues sorted it is the most competent MTB for £1k you can buy.

I got mine via the scheme; a couple of points... are your employers signed up to, or willing to sign up to, the Halfords version of the scheme? You cannot get one any other way.

In theory not every Halfords can sell/stock or evne get in the Pro bikes so pick your delivering branch with care. I picked mine up from 3 stores away but the local store has done the servicing for me and will do so until the grease monkey goes to Uni in October.

If you aren't confident in their wrenches skills and cannot tweak things properly yourself (I was completely unfamiliar with SRAM stuff) then set aside a few quid (my LBS charges £35) for a LBS to check it over for you. But choose one who sells Ritchey/SRAM/Avid equipped bikes or they will witter on about how it is all rubbish and won't last blah blah blah to cover up for the fact they haven't a clue how to set things up either.
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