Dads Army

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...don't panic!

I have just been watching it on TV...bloody excellent's classics like this that make todays so called comedy look pathetic by comparison imho.

I remember watching Dads army on Saturday nights as a boy...still watching it today.

..."don't tell him Pike!" :eek: :blush:


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what station?


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I used to watch it as a boy because there was not much else on, don't think I could sit through it now. It was okay in its day, but there have been much better things since.
Like a lot of things, time does give us a "rose tinted" memory. For one "Dads' Army" you'll get "On The Buses", "Father, Dear Father", "Mind Your Language", "Last Of The Summer Wine"(not funny then or now!), "Please Sir", "Terry And June" etc. etc.


Dad's Army is great. Mrs N bought me a DVD a few months ago with a few episodes I had never seen before.

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Although they were not a laugh a minute for the whole programme, there were some classic and very funny sections in each episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rose tinted spectacles indeed, since for me, watching an episode of Dads Army is akin to having my fingernails peeled off.

as a kid, i thought it was ok, but not funny enough... and that put me off until a few years back.

the humour is very well timed and judged. one of the main elements is the class divisions - mainwairing is a 'commoner', yet the leader (hence the references to Napoleon dished out by some of the troop). Other members of the squad are of a higher class, yet lower rank. other have seen active service and are resentful of those who are there for medical grounds, etc... it's all about the undercurrents of differences that have to be put aside for the war effort - in real life these people might never mix.

there's also the 'unspoken' elements - 'Uncle arthur' being the main one.

i think the series has got better with age, i can appreciate the subtlety now, the structure and the characters - Godfrey is a very good one, as a pacifist he was ridiculed for not being heroic, until it was revealed that he had rescued wounded troops in no-man's land in WW1. the rest of the troop have enormous respect for his actions and beliefs.

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