David Cameron told off for "not wearing helmet"

He is a helmet.TIA


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Cunobelin said:
What an ill informed article.....

I thought it was quite well informed....some organisations fussed about it, they published that some organisations fussed.

Then, the reporter goes on to say how these organisations are fussing about nothing....and one of the UK main cycling organisations is quoted, putting a very good and conscience point across (which the journalist acknowledges).


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Also - when I was taught to ride, I was told that my palm should be facing the traffic behind me, fingers stretched out.. not pointing as if to say "he's the one... he did it"


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Oh no I own the same sash as David Cameron.
Sod helmets, if we are talking safety....

.....Can I have an escort and bodyguard? 8am tomorrow morning please, that'll do nicely.
Cameron, Boris and all the other high profile cyclists (and Gordon the Jogger) are dammed if they do and dammed if they do not - sometime they are just ordinary people - I would never manage to do anything if I had to consult a spin doctor/advisor before I left the house every morning - no left turns in case it is interpreted as a shift in policy
oldredeyes said:
You are responsible for the outcome of the election due to your blatant electioneering down every street. :becool:

Its the same concept as Brown et al wearing blue ties whenever there is bad news - the idea is that he is mistaken for a LidDem.
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