Dawes Galaxy range?


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Im sure this question has been asked time and time again but i've narrowed my search down as to what Touring Bike to buy and have decided on the Galaxy.

But my dilemna is being a Road Bike rider im not familiar with the frames or groupsets so basically straight to the point..... Is the lower end model much different from the top in terms of price and equipment, i just want it to be reliable.

Let me know which one you would buy.

Thanks Turbo.:ohmy:


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IIRC the basic Galaxy has a 631 frame, deore level parts and bar end shifters and the Galaxy plus is the same but with STIs. The Super Galaxy has 853 frame, LX level part and Tiagra STIs. Ultra Galaxy is similar to Super but with XT parts and a Brooks saddle. There is also a Ti framed Ultra.

They will all probably be reliable, so you should probably go for the best one you can afford; however, the sweet spot in the range is probably the Super Galaxy with reliable components and a decent frame. You should check Spa Cycles as they seem to offer some good discounts on the Dawes range.


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Does the bottom of the range Galaxy not have bar end shifters as opposed to STI's? Personal choice I'd say about that one, but for me STI's are a must.


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The galaxy plus has STI's, would agree galaxy plus or super galaxy 'best buys'

From dawes website


Galaxy Plus

Super Galaxy

Ultra Galaxy

Just shocked how much they cost nowadays (said the old b*****)

Another vote for SPA Cycles, got my galaxy from them, nice if not ecentric :biggrin:


some excellent bargains

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