Dawes Galaxy.....

Does anyone have any strong opinions either way on this range of bikes. I ask because Spa Cycles are offering some very good deals on them. Are they a bike that if you have 32mm tyres on you are able to take down bridle ways or would I be better to buy something with 26" wheels to do that.
Their TI frame model really is cpmpetitively priced against a Van Nicholas Amazon. Any views on that as well. Thanks


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Well it depends on the bridleway....
I'd take my Galaxy pretty much anywhere on 30-622 cyclo-x tyres, but it's an old 531 lugged frame rather than the newer welded in Taiwan ones. Not saying the newer ones are inferior, but the Galaxy used to be the standard by which all tourers were judged. I think there are better steel framed bikes available now.... Roberts, Yates, Hewitt, Enigma to name but a few.

Van Nicholas are a real specialist in Titanium...Dawes are not. Go with the Amazon if you have the cash.


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I have an Ultra Galaxy and I take it down bike paths with no problems not too sure I would want to take it down any rough bridleways though.

I got mine from spa cycles secondhand last year for £350 I don't think I would be wanting to pay the full price though, I think I would be more inclined to go for a Hewitt or a Sabbath instead.


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I've taken my old 531st super galaxy with 28mm tyres down some rough paths and canal tow paths before without any problems other than comfort! You should be fine with 32mm or larger tyres. I'm sure the modern Taiwan welded Galaxies are just as capable - there don't seem to be many reports on the CTC forum about broken Galaxy frames, in any case, and it still seems the favoured CTC steed.

I haven't heard much about the Ti Galaxy, but the Amazon has a good reputation. You might want to think about the Sabbath Silk Route, it looks to be very similar to the Amazon. Spa have it on offer at £1650 and I must admit to have been tempted to replace my Galaxy for one...


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Dawes Galaxy - fantastic piece of kit. Best £900 I've ever spent, got one in 2008 - I am aware they have suffered an almighty price rise. My ride to work is 11 miles each way. Put plenty of miles in on the weekends as well. Would advise changing the saddle to Brooks. There are other comparible tourers around such as the Ridgeback Panorama. They have STi levers, my experience of those having previously been a 'roadie' is that they don't last long & are very expensive to replace. In January this year I had to replace the bottom bracket, pretty simple job to do.This is the only major part that has needed replacing. The bike just gets better & better. I've also fitted front racks on mine which get occaissional (spelt rong) use. The hubs & rims are well up to the job. The Shimano Paralax hubs just need the occaisioanal (spelt rong again) tweak with a set of cones spanners. They are really easy to work on, especially the brakes. Any technical info is readily available on the interweb.

1. I can heartily recomend the Dawes Galaxy
2. I am not on commision from Dawes
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