Dear Garmin....


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Dear Garmin....
I like to use the auto pause facility on my device as it prevents my average speeds looking like I've been out for a brisk walk rather than a bike ride. I know it's my own fault for taking too many breaks but that's my prerogative. I also know I can manually pause the device but then like today, I only remember it's on pause 8 miles after resuming the ride.

So... Why do you insist on resetting my device to the "auto pause off" default every time you do an update, which seems like every week? It means I need to reset the auto pause every time! Petty but annoying, I know...


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Hah, hah, the Garmin Update gremlin hasn't ever got better. It borked my 705 many years ago - we had to revert to an earlier version... nothing has changed. ^_^


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Wahoo used to reset my lovely miles to those dastardly kilometres when updates happened.
It doesn't do it now. They listen to feedback 👍🏼


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I hate auto pause I found it worked better with it off
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