Death wish

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by yorkshiregoth, 26 Oct 2007.

  1. yorkshiregoth

    yorkshiregoth Master of all he surveys

    Commuting to work at 05:30 am and going down the A4 Great West Road I see a couple of muppets all clad in black, no lights and riding against the traffic in the middle lane. Lucky for them traffic was very very light.

    Where are the old bill when you need them??
  2. skut

    skut New Member

    I've noticed a big increase in the number of people cycling on the wrong side of the road - and not just kids either. Who are these morons?
  3. Jacomus-rides-Gen

    Jacomus-rides-Gen New Member

    Guildford / London
    POB's - Pedestrians On Bikes, they ride just like they walk, and not much faster than that either!
  4. Bokonon

    Bokonon Über Member

    I encountered some muppet riding the wrong way down a cycle lane earlier this week. First time I have shouted at a road user for a long time. Fortunately he was hugging the kerb (I just can't safely get that close on a fixie!) and I was in secondary on the main carriageway, so there would have been no conflict between us, but it would have caused problems for others trying to ride in the cycle lane.
  5. That is the impression I get with some of these cyclists.
  6. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Aren't they Polish immigrants? I think I heard they all cycle like that in Poland.
  7. Last week I attended a day long meeting in an office that over looks the elevated section of the M4 in West London. By mid afternoon I was loosing enthusiasm and staring blankly out the window, as you do at these times, I saw a cyclist heading out of London cycling down the hard shoulder of the M4, couldn’t believe my eyes xx(.
  8. Yeah I mean whats wrong with the fast lane?
  9. col

    col Veteran

    You mean the overtaking lane!xx(
  10. As long as you take primary position.xx(
  11. col

    col Veteran

    And indicate clearly,so the bmw doing 90 doesnt go up your arse:smile:
  12. Chuffy

    Chuffy Veteran

    There are people who would say 'but you SAW them, didn't you?' and think there was no problem....xx(
  13. He saw them eventually.
  14. Perhaps they were ninja assassins going home from work?
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