Deep section wheels 80.s


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Hi all
I'm building an Italian bike late 80.s
I'm trying to keep it period correct as possible
In after putting on something like a set of campagnolo shamal wheels on it or zondas but I believe there 90.s
Are there any other deep section wheels from the 80.s produced
Thanks in advance


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There weren't - the nearest will have been Wolber Profil 18's bit these are tiny aero TT Sprint rims - loved mine. Other option was Mavic Open 4's, slightly aero but not deep section. I had both Open 4's and Wolbers but I've had the rims replaced with CXP33's.
Like Fossy says, shiny alloy deep section rims were a 90s thing, the 80s was hard anodised, dark grey rims. Ambrosio are easiest to find, FiR and Nisi are nice, if you are looking for Italian rims. However, many many bikes had Mavic rims of one kind or another. If you are looking for rims for tubulars, used GP4 wheelsets often go for a song.

Oh and we’d all love to see some build pics:okay:
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