Desperate to ride Gen

I want to ride her. Hard. Relentlessly, until I am totally spent ;)

The bike shop is supposed to have her ready now, I've already spoken to then once today though.

Can I call them again?

I want to be able to ride home from the shop, but have to take unlit roads, and my cateyes, whilst good for being seen, are rubbish for seeing with :tongue:

If she is ready in 20mins, I will be able to cycle home. What if she is ready and they are just not calling me coz its been a long day and they can't be assed!!!

What do I do!


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Just waiting for Fnaar to make some comments.


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yorkshiregoth said:
Just waiting for Fnaar to make some comments.

Hi, having a really busy week :tongue: (so not as "on cue" as I might otherwise be)
Anyway...oo'er, Jacomus, you sound like you need a cold shower...
Phone up lbs and say "I wanna get into it, you know? Moving, doin' it, like a , like a sex machine". See if that hurries them up a bit. ;)


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It does indeed me I have her back!

She was supposed to go in for her winter service, but the weekend before I had that strange and very unpleasent loss of control - which stemmed from a cracked bearing race in the headset.

So it was a general service, and new headset (which took a couple of days to arrive), and a new rear light because the current one packed in yesterday.

What LBS do you use out of interest. *Crosses fingers and hopes not pedalpushers*


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Jacomus-rides-Gen said:
What LBS do you use out of interest. *Crosses fingers and hopes not pedalpushers*


Oh this is a long story... I originally used Guildford Cycles (it was near the Friary Centre) but they went out of business about three years ago. :wacko: That basically left Cycleworks in Burpham and Pedalpushers. Cycleworks are ok but very MTB orientated which might not suit you. They also have a habit of trying to sell me a new bike every time I go in, which is a bit OTT when you only want a new bottom bracket. :blush: Pedalpushers are more general, but I got put off them because the wheel truing they did for me was woeful.

I've ended up doing all my own wrenching. It has meant spending serious cash on weird and wonderful tools, but learning to press a headset and build wheels has been good fun. Occasionally I need a dealer in which case Nirvana Cycles in Westcott (for Kona) and Beyond Mountain Bikes near Cranleigh. (for Trek). They are both very competent bike shops, but better for MTBs and not very local.
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