Dexy's Midnight Runners were ...

Are Dexy's Midnight Runners

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The best band ever, in the history of the whole universe of music, especially on 1st and 3rd albums, but even on the 2nd even though I don't play it that much anymore.


Started young, and still going.
Didn't really listen to their music much at all. I hope most of it is better than Come on Eileen.
Fnaar said:
Dont Stand Me Down.
Best album ever.

That's the one. Thanks.

Andy in Sig

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I suppose this thread will do as well as any other. I'm after finding out who did a song which had a line in it along the lines of:

There's plenty of love and hate by the fireside

or similar. It did occur to me that it might have been by Dexy's knobheads or poss the beautiful south or a third party. Anybody know?
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