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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by derrick, 5 Mar 2018.

  1. derrick

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    Am planning a ride from Diepe to Paris, Has anyone got a good route. looking for nice smooth roads as we are planning on a fast ride, we will clock the scenery on the way back, There seems to be a few routes around, would be good to hear from some one who has ridden it, Am using ride with GPS for navigating.
  2. You can use Ride with GPS to get a route. There is also Komoot and Brouter De. You should be able to figure out a good route using all three.
  3. StuartG

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    Riding from Dieppe to Rouen is a gentle rise to the ridge, then a steep descent and flat up the Seine to Paris. Its is gorgeous with little or no traffic once you are out of the town. I prefer the road up to Saint Saens (watch out for the WigWams) rather than the Avenue Verte especially if you don't want to get entangled in the countless crossings and walkers.

    Alternatively you there is a lovely route the FNRttC have done several times via Gisors.

    Two issues. I've yet to find a non-hilly route around Elbouef avoiding the heavy traffic compressed by the bend in the river. But it least that's a short section. However, I've also never found a green route through the conurbation into Paris itself. Except I recall a year or so ago someone claiming that had (from the North West). Link anybody?

    Overnight on the ferry. Then a day if you are very fast - or two if you are like me to do the 175km or so. I'm planning to do it again with a small group in September.
  4. OP

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    Thanks for that, some useful tips. this is only a reccy ride. we plan on going there and back in two days. but we will be doing it again later in the year with a large group. But we will be taking in the scenery next time, and doing it over 4 days.
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