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I use Google Pay quite happily, have done for a long time. Don't even think about it most of the time, it just works and there is now no limit on the contactless so I use it at the supermarket easily too.

I don't carry my bank card at all, Natwest have their handy "Get Cash" if I'm really stuck, but then again I rarely use cash nowadays anyway.


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Since the beginning covid times many places request card/electronic payment only.
I'd been holding off on using my phone for such purposes.
I signed up with google pay via credit card last year & now use it for all payments where possible.
Since i always have the phone with me it's ideal, especially on the bike.^_^

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I also use an app called Stocard to store loyalty cards. Very handy to.


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Ah, I have done some reading and I am now fully educated.

I have upgraded my dumbphone to be able to make payments, by virtue of slipping my bank card in one of the card slots in the leather case.
The phone may knock your contactless payment option out.


This reminds me of an article I read a few years ago. One wag had located the small part of his Oystercard that contains the microchip and cut it out. He mounted this on the end of a magicians wand, and dressed for effect in a magicians cape would whip the wand out with a flourish and tap it on the access pad.
Of course this soon led to a change in the T&C.
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