Disc brakes to be allowed for pro teams - test period

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    just to add to this - there has been a long discussion about the crash between doull and kittel and there is now a significant amount of doubt around the disc causing the cut on doull's shoe. the reason being, kittels bike was thrown about 15mtrs up the road, away from the crash area and only kittel himself ( not his bike) was near doull during the crash..........................its typical of people to scream one thing in the heat of the moment and then realise later, what they think happened isn't actually the case. especially when admitting on camera that he didn't actually know what happened.

    I rest my case for defense of disc's your honour
  2. Actually I take back my previous comment that it makes no difference to the racing as a spectacle. The post-crash analysis has an added something.

    But, as Michael Hutchinson says on Twitter

    Michael Hutchinson

    The disc brake side will win. They're the people with the giant spinning knives.

    The caliper-ists won't stand a chance. All they have to fend them off is essentially a little pair of rubber-tipped pliers.
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  3. T.M.H.N.E.T

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    Spinnning knife :wacko::wacko::wacko:
  4. jowwy

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  5. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

  6. Crackle

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    They should still be banned on fugly grounds though.
  7. HF2300

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    One mans ugly, is another mans beauty
  9. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    Of course its meaningful, its showing that discs are not spinning knives as people keep stating
  10. OP
    Pro Tour Punditry

    Pro Tour Punditry Guru

    I'm afraid I cannot work myself up to anything other than mild indifference, however others seem to have aligned themselves to one camp. I would like to think I have an open mind on the issue, and cannot see myself giving too much of a toss either way unless someone gets their arm or leg lopped off in circumstances where there can be no other explanation that chainsaw rotor disc mayhem...
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    Imagine a spinning knife with pointy serration being allowed on a bike . Lethal if you ask me .

    Oh hang on that's the chain ring innit and chains never come off revealing the teeth. No never . I certainly don't have a nice ( subjective I know) scar on leg from that no not me !
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    Yes but you can now be charged with foreign spelling and inappropriate use of the apostrophe :smile:
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    I can look back over quite a long period of racing at a reasonable level. When I started, brakes were frankly awful - anyone recall Universal side pulls, Weinmann, Mafac centre pulls (one finger enough - my backside!). Gradually brakes improved until the very efficient dual pivot jobs appeared. Powerful enough to lock up IN THE DRY. This is where we are today, carbon rims have metal facings or use special pads, and they will wear out eventually under constant heavy use.
    Discs get hotter and will wear out too.
    So, what is the purpose of disc brakes. Well, they are claimed to be even more powerful and this shows in cross and mtb, where people can lock up and slide through corners a bit faster than with mud clogged rim brakes. So that's an advantage.
    Whether disc brakes offer an advantage on the road when the limiting factor is grip is another matter.
    There is one clear advantage, the manufacturers get to sell a completely new load of frames and wheels, and make more money.

    Eventually for safety, if discs come into local level road racing, the rules will have to insist on everyone using them. Mixed peloton = unsafe. Comparing to cross and mtb is daft, they don't have 60-200 people close packed for hours at a time at 40 - 65 kph.

    More money for manufacturers as everyone has to re-equip for the start date. Good thing? Loads of perfectly good non-legal road bikes for sale at good prices because they are useless for competition.

    So, who benefits? Riders, not really as they all have perfectly good brakes already on bikes which cost loads. So they lose out. Organisers and officials, have to sort out loads of hassle as the change happens, not much fun. Suppliers, do very nicely thank you.

    Who is driving the change? The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association who seem to be pushing UCI as hard as they can to get it through because they know that if the pros go disc eventually everyone else will follow.
    How strange - not.
  14. OP
    Pro Tour Punditry

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  15. Smokin Joe

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    Perhaps if bikes were redesigned with greater safety in mind?

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