Disk brake road bike


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Pondering a new road bike, with disk brakes. Synapse Ultegra Disc is an option, if I can get a deal. Has anyone got any alternative suggestion, please?
Pinarello Dogma 65.1 hydro,
Colnago cx zero evo disc
appeal to me but I have not got the money or a viable excuse to buy one, whats your price range?


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Budget -£2000 to £2500

Canyon & Rise.. Are they mail order only? Prefer buying from a shop, ideally - thanks.
I would love, love, love to get my hands on one of THESE.

I think the 11spd 105 with hydraulic shimano discs on a reputable carbon frame for £2k is a steal (and I have a thing for the GT brand!) The discounts have started and I see the link above is now down to £1,800 :hyper:


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For something a bit different the KTM Sky carbon frame with hydraulic discs ultegra 2499, colour scheme would not be to everyone's liking but at least different. KTM usually good value on component make up . It won best disc bike on the website bikesoup. Which may give you some more ideas . ( if you have not already looked at it)

Lovely bike. Been looking at that one myself.


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I would personally look for something with a 6-bolt disc brake rather than the centre lock. Not many choices of hubs with centre lock.
Out of his budget though, colour scheme maybe less offensive to some people but I actually like the ultegra scheme in a odd way. I dont like the look of the ultegra or dura ace di2 front mech, too big aesthetically, my daughter has it on her TT bike and it looks a bit of a carbuncle. I do however love the way the front mech follows the rear mech, so no more annoying remembering to use the trimmer and no more noisy chain rub on the front mech .
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