Does anybody know about REW Reynaulds bikes please


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Northamptonshire that's a nice small R.E.W
Where are you based ?
This is my R.E.W

As for value if in good condition and fully operational I would expect between £50 - £125 maybe a bit more.

Over the years I have found out that some of them were built by Woodrops who built others is open to discussion , I am not aware of any being shop built .
All the ones I have owned have ridden well .


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Accra, Ghana
The very small frame size is going to limit its appeal, may have been used by a teen. The general condition is excellent and if you changed the tyres/tubes (probably perished) and cables you could sell it as a going concern. The Brooks leather saddle looks in excellent condition and is probably worth more than the rest of the bike.
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