Does anyone else get nervous when they go into bike shops?

Might sound silly but I never really feel comfortable in bike shops. I guess it's mostly because I just want to go in and have a good look round but feel pressure to buy something (I'm not tight fisted really!). It's even worse when you get pestered as soon as you walk in.

My last venture into the LBS went something like this:
I walk in - "Hi," says the young bloke in the shop.
"Oh, hi!" I reply.
"Can I help?" he asks.
"No thanks. Just having a look round." Don't mind this - just want to be left alone
"But what exactly are you after?" Getting slightly uncomfortable
"Nothing in particular. Just thought I'd have a look at what you've got in."
"What type of riding are you into?" Feeling more uncomfortable

"Road mainly, but I'm just browsing."
"Can i make some suggestions?" Starting to get a bit cross now but holding it together
"Look. I'm not after anything in particular."
"Well, just let me show you..." I walk out - didn't want to be rude but too much hassle


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I'm allergic to sales people. I don't mind the initial interchange but no means no and if they push beyond that I just give them a cheeky death stare and they leave me alone lol

I got really annoyed with a bed salesman once, he wouldn't leave us alone and amongst other things insisted on giving me an info pack on bed types, he couldn't understand how I could buy a bed without it....I just told him I knew how to use Google, and 10 minutes with it told me everything I ever needed to know. We overheard him moaning to one of his colleagues shortly after, saying it's not like we are axe murderers or anything...I just said no, you are worse lol


You and probably thousands of people out there. Especiqlly if you have a decent level of EQ.

It is also the reason why I tell those that are new to cycling to spend an afternoon at any Decathlon store as no store assistants will approach you. Also all the various sizes for the all the models are generally avaialble to try out. Their aisles are designed for people to cycle and test it out. Need help, head to the pit and the guys will help you out.

You can then decide what you want to buy and it need not be within Decathlon but they also have a decent range of affordable accessories.


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I suppose there is a fine line between genuine assistance, and being the typical "pushy sales person".

I always expect to be approached, I don't like it but I'd be complaining (to myself!) if I walked into a "specialist store" and wasn't asked if I needed assistance.

I'm the type of person who knows what they're going into a store for even when browsing, being left to it is my preferred option, but it isn't for other people.

I imagine sales people dislike that type of person as much!

I am tight fisted, I do like making sure I get value for money, I typically won't buy on the spot.

My last trip was for spds shoes and pedals, I knew the Internets could be done for £55, the bloke in the shop despite me telling him how cautious I was about it said £100 if I'm looking to get into clipless. I was already thinking £55 was a lot for something I may not get on with and just looking to try, conversation whilst very friendly just got a little awkward.


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Its one of my pet hates, over zealous sales staff, I don't mind them asking if I need help, but when I say no and they carry on its annoying, I was browsing the Merino base layers in the new Cycle Surgery in Leeds, the assistant was hovering making me feel uncomfortable so when he started telling me how good they were (as if I had no idea !) I pointed out to him they should be at the prices they were asking and could be had much cheaper from other shops and on the internet, that got rid of him, and why do they follow you about ? as if your going to steal something if there not watching.


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Are you saying shop lifting does not happen.


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Just get control of the conversation, let them follow you around, they in most cases are just doing what they have been told to do.
I know they are doing what they have been told, and I have made it plain I don't want a conversation, I think a little common sense on their part wouldn't go amiss.
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