Does anyone know what this is/what it's worth?


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This has been in my family garage for years. We're going through it and getting rid of stuff. Does anyone know exactly what model it is? Also, approximately what it's worth on ebay/craigslist?


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It's a Mixte frame bike dating from the 70s or early 80s probably. And it looks to be in very good nick. Google "Motobecane Mixte" and you might get more info.

I don't know how much it's worth, £100 ... £200 maybe? I don't think it's a hidden gem worth zillions, even though it appears to be in excellent condition for its age. Really the best thing to do is to search ebay or wherever for similar bikes. I believe prices may be high at the moment due to the pandemic knock-on effect.

Or - if it's the right size - just ride it.

Or - and this would be a shame but you could consider it - research and identify each component, then see what the individual components are fetching. There's a chance you might make more that way. But I don't think these are top end fancy retro components so that route probably wouldn't be worth the effort.

More likely to appeal to someone for nostalgia reasons than practicality reasons. Stem mounted friction shift gear levers aren't the height of fashion these days.
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As above, female specific (mixte) frame but it was one of their mass market budget offerings so not particularly valuable, my guesstimate would be £75-£100.
I thought Mixte frames were unisex, or gender nonspecific - not female specific. I was probably a bit ambitious with my pricing. It was just a guess.


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Indeed, Mixte (pron, "Mixt-ee" French in origin) are intended to be unisex but suffer in the english speaking world where bikes without crossbars are considered as being for "girls".

Personally it would worry me not, but that will restrict the potential market.

Its a nice looking bike. Little classic value, but a nice machine for people who want a bike to actually ride, are on a bit of a budget, and aren't fussed about the latest cycling trends.

I'd give it 50 to a hundred, with any luck closer to the ton than not. Where in the world are you? If not far from me Id buy that for Mrs D.


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Indeed for either sex, but facilitates the wearing of skirts whilst cycling:okay:
So particularly sought after by scotsmen in kilts, and Frenchmen in full sequined ball gowns.


Mixte frames were originally called a "twinlat" and aimed at the ladies sport / touring market. Google Carlton Courette, Clif Pratt where I worked used to specialise in building them.

Motobecane became MBK in the 80's I think so that could help date it along with any original components.
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