Does reproofing waterproofs really work?


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Hello. I have two jackets that are no longer waterproof. So, what do you reckon - is it worth trying those wash-in products? Or something else? It seems a shame to buy a new jacket.


I think the spray works on good waterproofs. It certainly did on my Galvin Greens.


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Yes wash in Nikwax does work..
Better than the spray on stuff

And you have to use heat after to fix it.

Depends on the waterproof and how valuable it is to you really. .

Even sending them off to be reproofed can be worthwhile

You'll rarely get back the same dwr and 'beading' that it had when new, but you can extend its life, a lot.

Oh and looking after it (not crushing it into a bag, wet or filthy then leaving it to moulder for days, for instance)

Or even left hanging on a hook where it gets lots of passing traffic won't help either..


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Sometimes you can revive a garment's 'waterproofness' by tumble drying it or ironing it on a low heat with a towel between the iron and garment.
If you wash the garment before reproofing do not use detergent but soap flakes are ok apparently. Also if using a washing machine give it a run through empty with washing soda beforehand.


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My Paramo smock has been washed and reproofed several times using the detergent and reproofers they sell. Once tumble dried (on low) it's as good as new.


Was there a product called "Nev"?
In the days before lycra and decent cycling jackets, I used to wear an anorak which I used to re-waterproof. The water used to bounce off the material after proofing, but as soon as you wear it, it wears off where it gets creased and folded a lot.
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