Dolan Bike?

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I went up my LBS the other day for a chat about upgrades to my current bike (Giant SCR) or buying a 2nd bike:smile:, and i must admit i don't need much pushing towards the 2nd bike option, anyway the LBS suggested i had a look at a Dolan Mythos carbon with shimano 105 groupset, does anyone have one of these bikes and are they any good because until i walked in the shop id never heard of Dolan ;)


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domtyler's got one.

they make good track bikes.


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Terry Dolan has been making frames for years, but the Carbon will deffo be like most other carbon frames these days - made in the far east.

My Ribble training bike is a Terry Dolan made one ? (well it has a small sticker on it).

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Dolan has a good name but not sure about their carbon bikes, however I doubt they would use the frame (where ever it was made) unless they thought it was of a high quality!!!!
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