Don't laugh - bike noises/noise the bike makes when pedalling/not pedalling


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I'm new to this so be kind! I don't understand why my bike makes a noise when not pedalling (and pedalling), this kind of clicky/whizzy noise. To demonstrate exactly what I mean go to 0:29-0:33 on this YouTube video:

- this is the exact noise I mean.

It irritates me a bit - is there any way to stop the bike from doing this?

Thanks, CP


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The wheel hub? Some are much noisier than others, live with it, or get new hubs! I quite like clicky hubs, not least it can alert pedestrians to your presence 👍
what bike is it? What wheels / hubs?
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Might need to service your hub or buy a new new one. There are a number of youtube videos on servicing the hub. not a difficult job
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