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Be careful if you happen to cycle around Thetford way.

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Thetford cyclist has neck sliced open after someone strung a rope across a path

The cyclist suffered 'extensive lacerations'

A cyclist has been left with wounds to his neck after it was sliced open by a rope left strung between two trees across a busy path.

Police have issued a warning after the 25-year-old cyclist was left with "extensive lacerations" to the neck on a popular throughway in a wood in Thetford, Norfolk.

The man was cycling through the wood on Edinburgh Way on Monday, August 24 in the evening when the incident took place.

Police were also made aware that wood containing nails has been placed at head height down the alleyways from Edinburgh Way and Durham Way used by cyclists.

PC Nik Harris: “We are concerned as these throughways are sometimes used by cyclists on their way to from work. We do not know why the rope and wood has been put in place but it may be in attempt to discourage cyclists and bikers.

“We would ask you report anti-social behaviour in the areas to police rather than take matters into your own hands if this is the case. Although we know these routes are not strictly meant for cyclists or bikers we do not want to find people are being seriously injured.”

Anyone with information should contact PC Nik Harris on 101 quoting crime reference: 36/60081/20.

Rusty Nails

We remember
Sadly, just the latest in a long run of such incidents.

There must have been, but I cannot recall any prosecutions arising from them.

And the police just called this an 'anti-social' incident :sad:


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This will go nowhere... Does it ever go anywhere?

I do not know the cost of DNA testing. But I dare say it is not cheap. It would be good if the cost of the testing is added to the fine if the tosser is ever caught.


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DNA testing is several thousand pounds. Since the closure of the forensic science service the various forces have no choice but to go to accredited companies and pay commercial rates for such testing.

However, that would be justified if they treated the matter as attempted murder. Indeed, if they consistently and publicly treated it as such that might make some muppets think twice before doing this.

The fact that the investigation is being left in the hands of a local local response shift PC - not to denigrate them, they could be an excellent officer - suggests they are not treating it as such, and not even treating it as a terribly serious matter.


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If it were aimed at fluffy puppies there would be national outrage, if someone on a bike was seriously injured or killed by this it be reported that if he had been wearing a helmet it may have lessened the injury.
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