Don't try this at home kids...


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Stumbled across on an ancient floppy while archiving old work files...God knows where I got it from or who made it, but I post it here View My Video for your edification and enlightenment...


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I don't think his head goes up the horse's bum, does it? I used to worry about night riding and getting my helmeted head stuck up a black cow's bum then suffocating. It started when I nearly hit a black and white cow one night blasting down Gorple Road with very poor lights; for a second I simply couldn't work out what was in front of me and I only just missed the damned thing.

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Very forgiving/trusting horse that. But he puts his head between horse's legs methinks.

Friend of mine is worried that on cornering (like me) he'd end up with his head up a horse's ass. He worries too much :blush:
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