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Philip Whiteman

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You will have heard that airline overbook their flights but I bet that you did not know that Travelodge do the same.

Lisa and I had paid and booked a room at a Glasgow Travelodge on Saturday evening as a stopping off point on the way home. When we arrived at Reception we were prompty told that all the rooms had been let as a result of over-booking.

In all fairness to Travelodge they did relocate us to a four star hotel in Glasgow City Centre some 10 miles away. That worked out a net loss of £155 to them. However, after a long six hour journey, a relocation was the last thing we wanted. It begs the question, what would have happened if we had not been driving a car or had been disabled?

We had previously used Travelodge for audax events. Never again!


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I've heard of this happening specifically at travelodge but never spoke/listened to the person first hand. Sorry, that sucks :tongue:.


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To be perfectly honest, I'm not in entirely sure what you are complaining about. I'd have been dead chuffed; Travel Lodge v 4 star hotel? No contest!

I suspect they would have hired a cab for a transport-less person.

I can see that one could be a bit baffled as to why a pre-booked room was re-let BUT they've done the right thing by you imho. Actually, they've gone the extra yard methinks.

Tim Bennet.

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It's been their policy for years and they've been quite up front about it.

It's the service they offer and you have the right to book with them or not.


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Agree with Yello, seems like moaning for the sake of moaning to me. Perhaps if they had done nothing to re-accomodate you then I would sympathise, but you go ahead and cut your nose of to spite your face and NEVER use them again for treating you so badly.


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My, look at all the well-conditioned consumers who think corporate terms and conditions are the last word and de facto somehow reasonable...

Personally, I didn't know that Travelodge had this policy, and I think it's perfectly reasonable for someone to highlight it. It might not be the most important thing in the world, but it's useful to know, if you think you have a room awaiting you at the end of a long cycle ride (although I always try to go with local B&Bs anyway).


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I'd willing put up with a 4 star upgrade from a Travelodge.

Twenty years ago, a mate of mine got bumped off a trans-Atlantic flight from the USA and put onto Concorde. He complained that the catering could have been better considering the cost of a Concorde ticket - sheeeesh

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I'd assumed that all hotels practiced over-booking. I've experienced it several times in my travels. Every occasion I've been given better accommodation (and taxi if needed) with only a short wait while they arrange it.


The last time I used a travel lodge I'd ridden 400k to get there and to go any further would probably have had me in tears.


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Nothing wrong with highlighting what is apparently cynical regular practice by Travelodge. However, if they make amends by upgrading and catering for your travel requirements, then no real harm done.
Something to bear in mind though, it can be quite disconcerting to be told you have no room after a long journey. Also, you might have picked the location based on location to a wedding or something.


If you want cheap rooms, cheap flights etc they all have a cost. A business will identify what the 'booked but failed to show' rate is and will make allowances for it. Every so often, they will get caught out and have to pay for a work around. Nothing wrong, it keeps prices down.


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longers said:
The last time I used a travel lodge I'd ridden 400k to get there and to go any further would probably have had me in tears.
User76 said:
You'd ridden 400k just to get to a Travelodge:ohmy: Surely you must have passed somewhere on the way?
It was a really good Travelodge!!!!
They'd done him a hot water bottle and everything. And got his favourite biscuits on the tea-tray.
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