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Hi I'm a student at Southampton Solent University looking into doping in cycling for my dissertation on my Sports journalism degree. If you have a moment please take my survey:

Also if you have any suggestions for good books or documentaries to read up on please let me know. I've already read up on the obvious ones by David Walsh and the secret race. I've also watched the Armstrong Lie but if there's any others that you can suggest feedback would be great.

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Check out the pro racing section for a couple of good threads on doping including doping in other sports. Cycling is far from alone and possibly far from the worst culprit. Survey done.


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I said doping didn't put me off cycling but that hasn't always been true. I vetoed cycling from some point in the 80s, when I was grown up enough to find the sport unbelievable. I only came back to watching until after around 2005, when it had become easier to give some credence to the sport. Some of that was because cycling was easier to watch, admittedly, but it was mostly because there seemed to be some impetus towards making cycling credible.
Write the dissertation on just one team - Astana. Over the years, its alumni as well as current team including its current Manager and previous manager. You then do the links to UCI , Armstrong, Doctor dope. There are so much materials and even now they take the headlines. All in public. You do not even have make any allegation or utter an innuendo. And you also can link it to the London Olympics.

Within one week you can all your raw materials from open source.
Beware that there is a certain group within the pro racing forum with their own agenda

PEDs in professional cycling have been around for years and there is a wider picture that needs to be investigated outside the present hysteria
Beware that there is a certain group within the pro racing forum with their own agenda
What agenda is that then?


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Done. David Millers book is Frank-ish on his doping, further back there's enough info on Tom Simpson and his demise on Ventoux readily available to show that neither the doping nor the official blind eye is anything new. It's just better reported now, there seems more of a will to try to find it albeit the likes of the current Astana shenanigans do leave a bad taste for the casual observer (i'll let the pro peloton speak for themselves) when they have so many positives but still keep a seat at the top table.
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