Drop Bar Reach Dimensions


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If you're trying out different bars should you use varying stems to account for difference in reach and, if so, is the variance a straight transfer? For example:-

current setup - 120mm stem with 65mm reach bars - if trying 90mm bars would that require a 95mm stem, as in does the 25mm bar reach difference translate 1:1 to overall reach dimensions? My gut instinct says yes but I was worried that bar shape difference might alter this.

when I've looked at various geometry analysis they all give effective top tube and some split this fore and aft of the BB. This gives a 'reach' measurement based on BB to head tube which you can then add stem length on to. But I've seen drop bars reach varying from 50mm to 120mm, 70mm is a huge variance when applied to reach.

Do people work on a fit measurement to the hoods then and just accept that bars with bigger forward sweeps will give a more upright tops position and vice versa?

What's the 'normal', or most common, sweep forward for drop bars, ie the one with the most different styles available?


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Best thing is to get a bike fitting that will tell you the width of bars and length of stem which is right for you, and all the other details you need to tweak the bike for the best personal fit. That's what I did, it is well worth the £35 it cost.
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