Drop bars on a hybrid

I have a cube hybrid and I am really happy with it except for the bar positioning. I used to do a lot of cycling whenI was younger on a road bike, but for various reasons stopped for 15 years. I started again last year and could not get on with the drop bar position of a road bike so I bought a flat bar hybrid, but now I am a bit more svelte ( 2 stone lighter) and dont have such a huge gut in the way, feel I want to get lower and fit drop bars to the bike. I have a set of 105 STI levers but these are 10 speed, so I will have to go to a 10 speed rather than the 9 I have at the moment. I also have 3 sprockets at the front, not sure if the 105 levers will work with them?
So do I trade the hybrid in and lose a bit of money and get a road bike or convert what I have?


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Usually very expensive to convert - better to buy a dedicated road bike...keep the Cube for the nasty weather and fit bar ends for more hand positions.

You won't really ride that much on the drops unless doing lots of downhills, more the hoods which isn't massively different to a flatbar but it does depend whether the hybrid is an upright ride

Second hand bikes are fetching good money at the mo, but will no doubt drop as the weather gets nastier, so if you do sell, do it soon while there is still some warmth in the air :smile:
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