Drugs in other sports

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I'm not sure whether I've sneered on record about forummers whose response to any cycling drugs scandal is 'there's worse than us', but if so, this is a bit of an apology.

To hear the hysteria of the BBC commentators when a brit runner drug cheat won a race and her absolute contempt for the entire system, would have made my blood boil were I a patriot: can you imagine a cyclist adopting the same stance?

I also can't stop myself wondering what is the cause of these footballers all falling over at the same time.

None of this excuses drug cheating cyclists, in my view, but it does perhaps cheer me a little that we do seem to be 'better' at trying to clean up our sport.
As far as I'm aware, the main reason drugs are such a big deal in cycling is precisely because the cycling authorities put more effort into trying to eradicate them.


as my daughter would say:


(in an accent which is from somewhere between US and London despite us living in Scotland)


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Really could not believe how it was reported in the Guardian this morning, so matter of fact no stigma and it is also seems a foregone conclusion that she will get the all clear from the Olympic Committee. What is the problem that these so called Professional Athletes have in informing the Testers of their whereabouts its not like they have to hold down a job as well.

The arrogance was unbelievable not I was wrong am sorry no simply if you dont let me run for England will go and run under another flag if we had balls we would tell her to sling her hook. Do we really want to glorify any medal she wins? How must the other Atletes in that race felt last night when she won and the media fawns over her?

Yep have to say thought the same thing about the Footballers epo use amongst others is rife in football apparently and would fit the pattern of a number of young cyclists who also died of heart probs.
Noodley said:
as my daughter would say:


That's the bog-standard reply I get from my eldest niece (13) on the odd occasions I see her. I keep hoping her vocabulary will improve, but I'm always disappointed! I suppose it's better than 'fack off, Uncle Dave!' ;)

Drugs in cricket hasn't been a problem (ASAIK) other than Shaney-boy's dieting tablets, and the odd recreational drug (Ed Giddins, for example).

A mate of mine played for Essex during the 80s and 90s, and after a day's play was asked by a Middlesex player provide a urine sample for him, as the Middlesex player had been smoking joints the previous night. Cricket and drugs don't really go: a few beers used to put me right, before and after, but only once I reached the senior (read veteran) player status, i.e. older than the captain, and longest-serving player in the team! :biggrin::sad:


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Keith it's Christine Ohuruogu. There's a thread in Soapbox on the subject but I suppose the comparison is relevant here too.


Anyone interested in comparing drug testing across different sports, I attempted a shoogly bit of research but to little avail. Even the mighty Cadel didn't rate it.


One thing I will say is I was pretty disgusted in the fact that now she's world champion, she apparently has a stronger case for getting the ban uplifted. Laughable.

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Can you imagine what the media would be saying if Rasmussen won the Tour de France next year?
Ok. How about "German ex-drug cheat wins gold. Plucky clean Brit takes silver" plus acres of inference that the German was linked to the old Eastern Bloc drug regime. I'd put more than a fiver on that one...
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