Dutch cycling roundabout


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It just gets better, i really enjoyed cycling over there.^_^
Eindhoven is considered a brain port and feels it has a leading role in innovation and technology. All those qualities had to be reflected in the high quality design for this new piece of infrastructure.
As compared with ........... ummm, struggling, brain giving up hope ....

.... some minutes later! I know!

Boris's blue paint!


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The depressing part is that the "before" picture shows what in Britain would be considered an excellent cycle facility not one that needs an upgrade.

Interesting the lack of helmets, only noticed 2 on guys wearing Team kit (about 1min50 into 1st video). I think it shows how much safer dutch cyclists feel.


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We would rather bitch and cuss about what we have rather than attack the situation calmly and sensibly with SOLUTIONS!!!!

And none of us would have ever come up with that freaky solution - magic. Love it!
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