Eating Chilli's

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by walker, 5 Mar 2008.

  1. walker

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent
    I went out the other night with my Mrs and my mate and his Mrs. We went for a Mexican and out with the nacho's came some little chilli's. If anyone knows what I'm talking about I mean the little evil b'stards that burn you from the inside out.

    Anyway, I told my mate to eat one thinking he knew how powerful it was, and he made the instant first mistake.. he chewed it, you should of seen his face.

    Anyone else been caught out with these little items of humour?

    I ate mine but did'nt bite into it but my bum hole has been sore all week.
  2. Melvil

    Melvil Standard nerd

    I once ate three of the little buggers for a bet.

    It wasn't worth it!
  3. Chilli's from the mexicans I can chew away on no problem. It's the one's in the Thai restuarants that get me. I bit into one that was in my soup, next thing I know theres snot pouring out of my nose, eyes watering so much I couldn't see anything. It was so bad I had to go home!!
  4. Save the best part of the anecdote til last why don't you?
    PMSL ;)
  5. OP

    walker New Member

    Bromley, Kent

    you sure your not thinking of Jalapeno's?
  6. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Jalapeños are for wimps. It's Habaneros what you want here...
  7. User482

    User482 Guest

  8. Brock

    Brock Senior Member

    Yeah mexican habaneros, I had one of those at a restaurant once. At first it was a lovely sweet little tomatoey explosion of sweetness, but then the pain started in the back of my nose, spreading to my tongue which thankfully became completely numb quite quickly. I could feel my throat all the way down and was completely conscious of my stomach in a way I've never been before. I started sweating and wondering how much worse it was going to get when the insides of my elbows started hurting.
    I spent the rest of the evening in a sweat and couldn't taste anything of the rest of the meal.
    I managed to buy a jar of these from the restaurant and fed them gleefully to my chums. The label on the jar talked of newcomers to this delicacy experiencing 'chili panic' while experiencing the full body pain which they seem to induce.
    Fantastic fun, just wait till the end of the meal.
  9. Dave5N

    Dave5N Über Member

    Green Chilli Bhajis from at Adil's on Stoney Lane.

    Gastronomic Russian Roulette.
  10. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Ha! Now we're all fired up*, may I propose this as a possible candidate? Though I've no doubt someone will find one to beat it!

    *so to speak ;):evil:
  11. Panter

    Panter Just call me Chris...

    I tried to grow some Devils tongues the year before last, but just ran out of Summer ;)

    This Year there are some spiteful little seeds of varying nastiness winging there way to me as I type.
    I'll post back at the end of the Year when they're grown and ready for a victim gourmet tester. :ohmy:
  12. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    I dont know whats in the Thai dishes where we go...about 25mm long, yellowy green and thin.

    The dried ones are ok, not too hot, but the fresh ones are monstrous :angry:

    I liken it to dipping the half your tongue into a deepfat frier :biggrin::ohmy::ohmy:
  13. stevenb

    stevenb New Member

    South Beds.
    Habanero's rock....had a burger made with these chili's :angry:
  14. Kestevan

    Kestevan Last of the Summer Winos

  15. Fnaar

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

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