Ebay says I must offer Paypal

Having a couple of boxed Windows 7 Home Premium surplus to requirements (unused, still shrink wrapped from the factory) and seeing the price in the shops, I thought I'd bung them on Ebay. Only when I get to Ebay, I'm told that because I'm an infrequent seller, I must offer Paypal as a means of payment.

Until now, I've had nothing at all to do with Paypal and I confess I'm apprehensive (as a fan of payment by cheque) about having to take this on - to the point of thinking of putting an ad in the local paper instead.

Anyone else had this happen to them? And how does Paypal work if you're a seller anyway?


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If you're a seller, Paypal takes a cut. If someone pays you and it turns out it's on a dodgy credit card Paypal can take the money back, after you've despatched the goods, and there's very little you can do about it - happened to us a couple of years ago. Having said that, if you can accept the high fees they charge, it generally works pretty well.


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PayPal is generally okay. The fees are quite a lot on my business account IMO, but don't seem to be any more excessive than other similar methods. If you can get as much in the paper than on ebay, I'd use the paper.

I use it for a lot of advertising subscriptions on my websites and never had an issue. I (shouldn't admit this) do have a 'claim' against me at the moment. It's over $2 and due to a misunderstanding. The buyer didn't contact me first so shouldn't be a problem to sort out through their system. It will be interesting to see what it is like though.


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Paypal is doing the rounds as a bit of a nightmare for sellers, especially for high value goods. I would advise trying another route, or making it clear in the auction that you will want to be payed via BACS/cheque.

If the buyer pays via paypal, the goods are shipped and recieved, and then buyer lodges a complaint (counterfeit goods, item not working etc) Ebay and paypal can refund the buyer the money from your account, without permission or informing you, and then will pursue you for the money. It has also been known that they will withdraw money from your bank for this purpose, again without authorisation.


Please be informed of what they are doing before you choose where to list and how to accept your payment


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I've not had any quibbles with the way that PayPal manages my money.

I have found it to be a reliable intermediary.

However you do need to be aware that Ebay owns PayPal so Ebay gets two bites at the cherry - selling fees and transaction fees. Some vendors hike their postal charges to compensate for the commission raked in by Ebay.
Thanks for the advice all. I don't think Paypal and me will be getting acquainted any day soon. Why do they have to go and complicate things? I much preferred the 'old' way of doing things.

Norm - as this isn't in the classifieds section, I don't want to antagonise Admin :smile: so, since you asked, I'll pop you a pm.
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