Eeeek, wet weather riding...

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Last nights ride was wet...probably like the rest of the country. Quite enjoyable still, but the Bianchi's not the best bike for the conditions.
Took it to work this morning (as usual) and ive just accidentally knocked it on its side...bugger :wacko:
Drip...drip...drip until this puddle formed by the cassette....xx(:ohmy::ohmy:


Thats a fair amount of water !!!!

There's no drain holes in the frame, so i assume the water is just sitting in the cassette area, hardly ideal.
Had similar before...must remember to flip the bike after and lay it on its side.


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Tell me about it!

I decided yesterday to have a nice little pootle to the other side of town on my shiny new town bike to see my supervisor on what seemed to be a nice, warm, dry spring evening ... so I didn't take any waterproofs!

Suffice it to say that the return journey was not half as warm, definitely not dry and did not fall into the category of "nice". Every item of clothing I was wearing had to be rung out over the bathtub before I put it in the washing machine. My trainers are unlaced and full of newspaper as I type. :wacko:
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