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So what I've made is a bike light with an LDR, tilt switch and Rocker switch.
The lights turn on when the light level drops below a certain amount.
The tilt switch then decides which colour lights will be on (red or white) (depicted in images below)
If positioned on the back then Red Lights will show.
If on the front white lights will show
If used in daylight then the Rocker switch will just turn the white lights on and off or if at night it will turn the lights off.

I'd like your opinions on the following:

-how much you'd pay for one
-how marketable it is (whether you'd be prepared to buy one)
-Simplicity to use


isn't this about the third or fourth time you have started a thread asking the exact same thing ??


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I thought the previous ones were different - turn signals rings a bell...?

Opinions, for what they're worth:

Size: It's fapping massive, but then I guess you're constrained by the materials and processes available to you, and that with knowledge of more mass-production-friendly processes you could scale it down signficantly.

Design/appearance: Similar to the points on size; it's not exactly a looker but presumably this is more of a proof of concept and it could be tarted up once past the prototype stage.

How much you'd pay for one: That depends on the final spec really; you'd probably have to price it at a similar point to normal "dumb" lights as I doubt most people would be prepared to pay a significant premium for the priviledge of not having to turn the lights on and off manually.

How marketable it is: Principal's viable IMO, but not in its current form due to packaging and aesthetic concerns.

Simplicity to use: Looks straightforward enough, bulk aside :smile:

Hope this helps ;)


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I can appreciate the size will probably change so I'll ignore that aspect. From me the following comments:

  • Aesthetically it's horrible, ignoring size, and this would stop me buying
  • I'm generally happy to pay £10-15 for a rear light. I have a habit of losing these. I have a fabulous Lezyne front light for which I paid £75 - 2011!! Still works as though new and still using the same rechargeable battery.
  • The current design appears to only fit the seat post for a rear light. My height means a small saddle pack fills the available space. I need a smallish, seat stay mounted light.
  • What is the point? I can decide when to turn on my lights. I don't need a smart light to do this. Plus I run my lights under different conditions than I would car lights therefore on/off determined by ambient light levels is of no value
  • I apologise for being so negative but I see absolutely no value in this as a product. I wouldn't buy it and suggest, with great respect, you move on to something else. This is a gimmick nothing more.
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