bike lights

  1. cosmicbike

    Solar Powered Bike Lights

    Stumbled across whilst looking for a front light clamp for the Trice.... DragonsDen here we come...
  2. BigTam

    Light and Motion bike lights

    Light and Motion front and rear lights. Taz 1200, £120 Vis 180, £40 Both excellent condition and with cables, price includes postage, both for £150.
  3. flake99please

    Fitted lights & bike reflectors... How 'legal' are we all really?

    In light of recent 'discussions' regarding the legality of BS approved/non approved lights, light colours, reflectors, etc. I am genuinely interested in the number of forum users that are truly 'road legal' when they are riding. I myself fall into the non BS approved lights, and no reflectors...
  4. slowmotion

    Hope Technology Ltd

    I bought a Hope Vision 1 front light about four years ago. It never let me down, but a couple of months ago I over-tightened the cam bar fixing clamp and split the plastic slot. Entirely my fault for being in a hurry. I phoned Hope and said that I wanted to buy a replacement. No it wasn't under...
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