bike lights

  1. Lovacott

    LED Rechargeable Bike Lights. Battery Hibernation Over Summer.

    I've just unclipped my LED rechargeable headlights as I don't need them at the moment and won't need them for another month or two. What is the best way to protect the batteries? Do I run them flat before popping them in the cupboard or do I charge them to full? They have been very reliable...
  2. Dan Ferris

    Bike Lights

    Apologies if this has already been covered - I have searched this forum but I cannot see a recent post. As the nights draw in and trying to get time to ride in-between work shortens I'm in the market for a front light for either my road or mountain bike. I appreciate the more I spend the...
  3. MontyVeda

    Anyone upgraded Vintage Bike lights to LED bulbs?

    Mum gave me my Dad's old slide viewer to try to get working again. All it needs is a new bulb but I'm thinking about putting an LED bulb in it The bulb looks like this ...pretty much the same as they put in the big old Ever Ready bike lights. I seem to recall someone on here upgrading their...
  4. L

    Engineering Coursework Evaluation and opinions

    So what I've made is a bike light with an LDR, tilt switch and Rocker switch. The lights turn on when the light level drops below a certain amount. The tilt switch then decides which colour lights will be on (red or white) (depicted in images below) If positioned on the back then Red Lights will...
  5. rogerzilla

    Old fork-mounted bike lights revived

    Remember these? Ever Ready and Pifco, mainly; you hung them from the bracket on the RH fork blade of most touring and "sports" bikes made from the 50s to the 80s. The lights are very visible for town riding, especially if you fit an LED (Nicelite pre-focus type) instead of the original weedy...
  6. cosmicbike

    Solar Powered Bike Lights

    Stumbled across whilst looking for a front light clamp for the Trice.... DragonsDen here we come...
  7. BigTam

    Light and Motion bike lights

    Light and Motion front and rear lights. Taz 1200, £120 Vis 180, £40 Both excellent condition and with cables, price includes postage, both for £150.
  8. flake99please

    Fitted lights & bike reflectors... How 'legal' are we all really?

    In light of recent 'discussions' regarding the legality of BS approved/non approved lights, light colours, reflectors, etc. I am genuinely interested in the number of forum users that are truly 'road legal' when they are riding. I myself fall into the non BS approved lights, and no reflectors...
  9. slowmotion

    Hope Technology Ltd

    I bought a Hope Vision 1 front light about four years ago. It never let me down, but a couple of months ago I over-tightened the cam bar fixing clamp and split the plastic slot. Entirely my fault for being in a hurry. I phoned Hope and said that I wanted to buy a replacement. No it wasn't under...
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