Anyone upgraded Vintage Bike lights to LED bulbs?


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Mum gave me my Dad's old slide viewer to try to get working again.
All it needs is a new bulb but I'm thinking about putting an LED bulb in it

The bulb looks like this

...pretty much the same as they put in the big old Ever Ready bike lights.

I seem to recall someone on here upgrading their old retro bike lights to LED, and wondering if they (or anyone else) can point me in the right direction for getting the necessary bits and bobs required.



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Ebay, rear dynamo bulb, led.


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The rear (red LED) is afterburner-bright, maybe antisocially so. The front one is ok; fine for town riding and a better "be seen" light than modern ones due to the size of the lens. Focus is fuzzy and there is some colour fringing as the optics were designed for a small filament.
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