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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Brains, 1 Jun 2018.

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    Pfft it is but a camping knife.

    Croydon, I am not surprised. You know that scene in Reservoir Dogs when they're all in a stand off, pointing guns at each others heads. I saw a similar scene to that in Croydon last year between two blokes, likely crack heads, both with no tops on, shouting and screaming at each other, but instead of pointing guns at each other, each one had a full size house brick and was waving it at the others head. I did'nt hang around to see the outcome, but expect it did'nt end well.
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    I'll get my original comment in before this thread gets locked too.*

    I've seen that video elsewhere and I suspect that this incident has its origins well before the stage where the car driver nearly hits the guy on the bike.

    *I'm told the original thread suffered from racist bilge but instead of removing the posters spouting the bilge, the entire thread was deleted.
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    They threaten my life with their car, I threaten their life with a machete.

    Who is more wrong?
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    I've looked at the video several times and I'm not convinced the knifeman's attack is a result of the driver pulling out. (Although it suits the agenda of a number of media outlets to portray this as cyclist v motorist road rage.)

    It looks to me like the knifeman has recognised the driver, the driver has clocked this and makes a desperate attempt to escape. The guy on the bike is already stopped (and I'm not referring to the part where the video is paused briefly) when the driver makes his abrupt exit which, frankly, looks desperate given the nose to tail queue ahead of him and the island at the traffic lights.

    He wanted out of there in a hurry and it wouldn't surprise me if they knew each other, at least by sight.

    Or I could be talking complete bollocks, of course.
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