Etape Eryri or Tour De Mon


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Any other forum members doing either of theses events this year. I have completed both in previous years and they are both brilliant. Well organised and marshaled. Would highly recommend them to anyone.
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Did the Tour de Mon last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Plenty of refreshments along the way. Of particular interest was the timed mile on the RAF base of Valley.


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Did both last year. Eryri Bach, then tour de Mon canol. Doing the gran fondo Mawr on Sunday - good well organised events


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I may have to babysit a mate attempting the Etape Ganol if he enters, if not I won't as I've done the ganol twice and Mawr once. I did the Tour de Mon the first year just to say I'd done it, but can't see the point of spending £42 odd to do roads I ride each weekend. Instead I'll be doing the Ken Laidlaw in Hawick to see a bit of Scotland, which is on the same day. :-)
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