Everest windows -gotta love'em

His loss. Ridiculous policy.
That company has gone right down hill since Ted Moult left :evil:



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Boy you've got to experience it to believe it.

The worst for long winded presentations are Zenith. The salesman has a fixed spiel that just goes on for hours and you can't shut him up. Zenith probably have one of the best quality products (along with Everest and Anglian), but the salesman just completely lost the sale because of his manner.

In the end we went with an Anglian conservatory and that was an absolute nightmare from start to finish.


All the nationals do it, I had some clown from Staybrite refuse to put a quote in writing so I showed him the door.
Next time when I booked an appointment with Anglian I checked with the operator that they would give me a fixed quote with a schedule of works. So the guy turned up, I met him outside the house and repeated my requirements. To this he said that they didn't do that, best deal, special offer...bull...bull... So I told him I wasn't interested and that his phone operator had wasted his evening as he certainly wasn't getting any commission from me.
Ten minutes later I had a miffed call centre manager on the phone wanting to know why I wouldn't let his rep in. I explained and he replied in his broad threatening Manc accent that when I confirmed the appointment with him the previous evening no such discussion about the terms of the quote took place. 'Really' I replied 'You were a woman with a home counties accent last night were you? You lying little S*** W*** etc'

Anyway you can look forward to many follow up phone calls from Everest. Despite telling my companies not to bother each time they called because I would never do business with them they persisted. In the end I told each that if they carried on I would post very negative reviews of their business on the internet. In each case that did the trick.


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It must be worth their while otherwise they would employ such tactics.

I invited several companies to come and give a quote. One company supplied a quote that was acceptable to me before some of the other big name companies got around to sending their reps out. When I rang them to cancel the appointment most of them accespted the cancellation with good grace. The Coral call centre manager became very abusive and accused me of wasting the time of their rep and demanded that I let him supply a quotation. I can't remedy how the conversation ended I suspect that i might have resorted to being abusive to the call manager. I'll never deal with Coral in the future.

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Kitchen suppliers do exactly the same thing, and after you've said you'll think about it 20 times they'll phone their area manager to see if they can offer an extra discount!

Strange as it may seem, many folks fall for it (in the same way that some people really believe the Harveys or DFS sale will end on sunday!)


vernon said:
It must be worth their while otherwise they would employ such tactics.
It is a form of bullying and manipulation, not far off what the blokes who live in caravans do to little old ladies when they talk them into getting their driveways done.

But hey/1, they'd say it's all legal (just).


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vernon said:
The Coral call centre manager became very abusive and accused me of wasting the time of their rep and demanded that I let him supply a quotation.
Eh? They'd really rather the guy came out, and wasted his time giving you the spiel, when you're definitely not going to buy from them?


It's an advantage of renting, not to have this sort of thing to think about..


This has been going on for years. 20 years ago my wife decided to project manage our new windows as I was very busy in a new job. A couple of the big name companies insisted we were both there. 'Er indoors insisted that they should note we won't be using their services. The other dodgy bit is the discount nonsense; we had a quote, again years ago, for £1300, which made it's way down to £850, and finally £650 (as we were looking doubtful) if we signed up that evening. We sent him packing as we felt that he'd tried to rip us off by trying to charge twice the price he ended up with.
Small local companies we have used in recent years simply come out, measure up and give you a quote for you to compare with others. That's how it should be. I'm amazed the same cons are still going on today.


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We had Anglian cold call and made an appointment to call round the following week. We were looking to replace all the windows and doors. He was a pleasent chap and after all the chat he measured and worked out a quote, 'are you sitting down ' he enquired. Of course we were, we were all sitting in our lounge, stupid question. £19,000 he announced, I burst out laughing and said we live in a house not a castle. 'Oh but with discount , if you have an advertising board out side your house & if you sign on the dotted line tonight we can bring the price down to £12,000'. Still way over what I estimated and was willing to pay. 'Let me phone my manager' was the obvious next statement 'and see what we can arrange'. He called him and by this time I decided I was not bothered and just wanted him out of my house. His manager, who did not realise I could hear every word, said 'well how much does he want to pay'? - 'what does he expect'? I made him leave and asked a local firm who have been trading since the 1970's for a quote. No hassle, no bull £7,000 all in, job done. We still have Anglian phone to see if we would like new windows even though we have told them we have had new ones fitted, 3 years later, the penny still has not dropped!!


When I had mine done I had quotes from a few companies including Everest. I didn't sign up to them that evening then had a phone call at about 8:30 the next morning asking what was wrong with their product and would I be interested at a further xyz % discount.

I also got into a rather amusing game with the Anglian rep and made him leave the completed but unsigned agreement forms with me whilst I thought it over.

Went with an local independant trader in the end.


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I hate anyone who comes to my door trying to sell anything, be it a product, service or religion. They have an uncanny knack of turning up just as I sit down for tea. More often than not we just ignore them (even if we know they can see us through the window).

I did once explain to someone that I don't buy anything on the doorstep and prefer to shop around. "But I'm not selling anything!" he announced with a big smile on his face.

That was just before him starting to say that the tariff for signing up to his company for the next 12 months of electricity would only be... and the door shutting in his face.
Kaipaith said:
I hate anyone who comes to my door trying to sell anything...
Ditto telephone calls. No, I will NOT do business with you over the phone. If you've cold called me how do I even know you are from where you say you are? And, if it is such a good deal I'll go think about it and check out the alternatives myself, thanks.
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