Excited to be back on the road!


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Around 10 years ago I used to frequent this forum a lot, I remember it being a great community.
Unfortunately after a couple of road accidents my bike was written off and it took a while for me to physically recover.

Since then, my work has meant I'm out of the country for so much of the year that I've just never got around to buying a replacment.

Well that changed today. Before I was riding a 35 year old road bike that used to belong to my dad which I'd renovated. It was a beautiful thing and absolutely flew on the road. However, I want a bit more flexibility in my new bike so today I ordered an FX 1 Disk which arrives early next week and I can't wait!

I'm currently putting together a list of bits I need to get for it and was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a decent set of lights. I'm sure things have changed quite a bit over the last decade in the bike tech world so intrigued to see what I can get that actually has some oomph behind it rather than being a little fairy light strapped to my handlebars.
I have no special insight into lights but welcome back and all best wishes for your return to cycling.


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Do a search for lights on here, and you'll find a few views on what people feel is best for them. It'll give you a starting point.


Welcome back. I’m sure the Trek will be a fine bike.
for the lights, the range is immense as is the price range.

I Bought this Lezyne set when i realised that I needed a front light that I could actually see with rather than just a “be seen” one. Not cheap but they have been excellent. I use the rear during the day as well when out on the roads but only use the front when it is dusk or dark. They are USB rechargeable and do have a good battery life.

edit: £43 cheaper than wiggle here:


i think when I bought mine they were on offer at £85 for the set which was a great price IMO.
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If your gonna use a Garmin head unit, the UT800 and RTL515 are great.
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