Exposure Flash Front Bike Light - 40% Off at Rutland Cycling

Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by CycleChat, 5 Oct 2017.

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    The description says it has solid and pulsing modes - does it even have a RVLR-compliant (=road-legal) flashing mode?

    Also, it says it's bright enough to see your way home, but 110 lumens puts it in the same ballpark as my 20-year-old lamp that uses a very good lens to get 20 lux from 120 lumens, which is only good for a fairly relaxed ride home IMO.
  3. I've always been a bit dubious about that "bright enough to see your way home" claim but was unexpectedly forced to put it to the test the other night, on unlit paths under trees along the Wandle River, then a couple of twittens between housing estates in Mitcham. You wouldn't want to be going too fast, but it was surprisingly good.

    I have two of these, usually run in flashing (and yes, it is flashing, not pulsing) for commuting, with the Exposure Revo dyno light as my main "see things" light in the winter. But I hadn't put the dyno light on just yet.
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