F H Grubb (not mine and no pics...)

Sorry quite a poor story but tbought I'd share it anyway.

Today I went out with our driver on delivery and took the item into an old chaps garage... In the garage on a turbo trainer was an F H Grubb in pale blue. Lovely machine 531 tubing on a single speed hub.

He is currently 82 and has owned it since he was 18. It has been a sprint bike, TT bike, hill climb bike. Gearing it differently over the years for its various roles.

He still nips out to the garage to the garahe and has a blast on the turbo for 30 minutes everyday. Sadly he no longer rides it on the roads, he doesn't t feel safe.

The condition? As good as 3 year old Giant.

I didnt ask to take a photo as I thought it would have been a bit rude


Accra, Ghana
Do you think he would notice the difference if the FG was to be suddenly replaced by a Three year old Giant? I mean you're only trying to help him out by upgrading his old bike :evil:.
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