Failed Brake Cable


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no thank God.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
It happened to me once when the actual cable failed when going towards some factory gates. Luckily I had slowed somewhat before the cable parted but I still rammed the gate with my front wheel but the only damage was to my ego as the guards on the gate fell about laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lucky escape!

Keep both hands on the handlebars in future, or at least free to do so in case of such emergencies? At least then you have two brakes to use.

dave r

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Early 70's me the proud owner of a Triumph motorbike, model 5tA, dog runs across the front of the car in front of me, we both emergency stop, my front brake cable snaps and I clip the back of the car at about walking pace and slide up onto the petrol tank and hang my nuts on the back of the fancy chrome carrier fitted on the petrol tank, ouch didn't half make my eyes water, no damage to bike or car though.


Sounds bloody scary to me. I hate those kind of heart-stopping moments. Glad you're okay.

"Hello, Bob's bikes, can I help you?"
"Hello, yes, it's reiver from CC. Do you sell brake cables?"
"Yes we do. Bring your bike in and we'll even fit it for you too!"
"Great, thanks."
"Oh, one more thing whilst I'm on - do you sell bibshorts too?"
"Yes, we do those as well."
"What colours do you have?"
"Colours? They're all black. What colour are yours?"
"Brown!!!!" :biggrin:


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"Heading downhill towards T junction, right hand holding carton of milk"

The word 'nutter' springs to offense...
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