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i wouldn't say i just like the nice days for cycling,however those wet,windy mixed with cold are rubbish,i was going along the canal,last week doing a 30 mile run,whe i met a guy,he had got the train to linlithgo and was cycling back to glasgow,i had about 8 mile to get to cumbernauld,so he had 25 to go,the wind was getting up,and i was doing 7 miles an hour it was tough keeping at that speed,and i still had the two big climbs to come,hurry up spring


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Why the capitals in the title but not that post? Makes it really hard to read


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The title's better, the post not changed :smile:

Get yourself a good windproof jacket, makes cycling more enjoyable in poor weather

Or move to Southen California ;)
I guess we are all fair-weather cyclists. It is just that we have differing ideas about what fair weather might be.

Very few go out whatever the weather. I don't go out if it is raining, but if it starts when I am already out I don't mind that much. I certainly don't go out if it is icy. I'm too old to get broken bones.

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I go out in all weathers but it's an easy choice for me, because it's either that or pay for public transport to get to work, which also takes longer. Saying that, going out in all weathers will seriously mash up your chain, cassette, etc. I like a bit of a chill in the air though - keeps my legs nice & cool.


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Costa Clyde.
I went out this morning while it was still dry, but heavy rain was forecast coming in about lunchtime. There was also a strong southerly breeze so I took the train south to Ayr, 40 miles away.
The pessimist in me opted to buy a return ticket as I was basically going to be following the train line back north, and a return isn't much more than a single - pricewise.
In keeping with my avatar, I managed to find rain sooner than expected. At Prestwick, actually; about 4 miles into the ride! Still, it was only light so I pedalled onwards and it didn't get any heavier until Ardrossan, about 25 miles in. Happily that coincided with the hourly train passing through, so I took full advantage and hitched a ride home.
Cycling in the rain is not pleasant in my book, so I won't do it given a choice. As a purely leisure cyclist, that choice is normally easy to make.


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I don't go out if it's raining, however, when out, I will stay out.

I must say I don't mind the rain once out, light or heavy, as long as the wind isn't blowing it at me. It's the wind that makes the rain unpleasant for me.

What does scare me is the ice. If I see ice, I turn around. (Although funnily enough my first bad experience with ice was black ice, so I didn't see it anyway).
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