Final Goodbye


Sad to say most of us only see distant family at times like this ,weddings and funerals..shame but I guess we're all busy living our lives..
glad the day went as well as theses days can Laura..


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I looked forward to Jamaican funerals as they invariably included a two day wake with lots of great food, music and celebrations of the life of the departed amongst friends and family. I've run out of close relatives and I'm increasing distant from the potential sources of further wakes. I miss the Jamaican take on death though I hope that my own will lead to a last hurrah for my offspring and my friends.

Funerals can be a bitter-sweet experience and I'm glad that your fathers was a good one.


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Glad it went well and you will have good memories of the day when you think back on it.


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I'm about to head to bed after a fantastic evening with all my kids and grandkids, and a few beers, raised to daddy :biggrin:
Hopefully my head won't hurt too much tomorrow at Tai Chi!
Rest well.


When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.
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